Last Advisor Standing

The focus of financial planning is shifting from one of asset accumulation to that of income preservation.  According to Cyril Tuohy in the article, Last Advisor Standing:  The One Who Understands De-Accumulation, “It turns out that putting money into an investment portfolio is a lot easier than taking money out.  Asset allocation, diversification and dollar-cost averaging, the standard strategies for asset accumulation over the long term, is not the same as receiving income from that portfolio…  Clients don’t realize that some advisors are better than others at generation income from a retirement portfolio, and that taking money – when and how much – out of the portfolio is far more important to a retiree than putting money in.”

I’m glad that the importance of income in retirement is starting to get as much notoriety as wealth management and asset accumulation.  In fact, I think it is so important that I decided to get certified in retirement income planning.  You can read the full article and learn more here:  Last Advisor Standing. 

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